Designing digital products with simplicity and clarity in mind.

Mehmet Yavuz — A digital designer from Rotterdam


Wake up yourself and your friends.


Sometimes you need friends to wake you up, remind and warn. Unfortunately, these are not always available and sometimes you are not alert enough. But luckily there is the WakeApp, which you can use when you have an important meeting or a flight. Instead of a simple and boring message, you can remind and warn your friends with a personal video message. This will wake up yourself and your friends. 


Your personal shopmate everywhere.


Everything has become more personal, with the arrival of social media; channels like instagram, facebook and snapchat are becoming more popular today. Human beings are central and so are the personal choices.

Since everything is very accessible and the need to share the life stories with others is trending, it is not difficult to get involved. Ads are very close to the consumer, the customer's needs are very well addressed and this makes the purchase process easier and faster. 

Shopi is your personal shopmate which helps you find your desired product. Enter the desired product and Shopi will find the product you are looking for. 

The Optician

Helps you find the right glasses.

Buying glasses is an issue. Especially if you want to take new glasses, your eyes must first be measured. To take the right glasses your eyes must be thoroughly measured with different types of glasses that ultimately measure your eye and make special glasses using the measurements. If you have a busy life, you sometimes do not have the time to go there and unfortunately it is not possible to measure your eyes in a different way.

The Optician lets you measure your eyes online and helps you make the right choice. You do not have to go to the optician to take glasses. Everything can be arranged online.


Let you experience the holiday before you go on holiday. 

Sometimes you have to take rest, especially if you have a busy job, a vacation is a must. Nowadays you have enough website to help you and a choice is usually made soon. In some cases you have doubts, especially if you read an negative review, it is useful to visit and view it from your seat. But how? Images? Personal conversations? Simple.

Holyday is the platform for making your choice soon and lets you enjoy the vacation before you go for a holiday with live video's. 


Recently, I noticed I love writing, so I started with it ... On Medium I hope to write more stories about my love for design to inspire other designers. Below are some stories I'm working on.

Use your smartphone while driving, or drive while using your smarpthone (Soon online)

Love to Design or Design to love? (Soon online)

What's next... Stil Design? (Soon online)


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And of course pushing pixels and make some awesome things. Besides client work, I love working on (experimental) sideprojects and I like to share this.

You can see some of my recent designs at Dribbble, see photos i'm taking at Instagram, send me an email at to say hello. 

The projects shown above are experimental designs made with love. Please do not reproduce without any written consent.